Code Blue urges students to be “aware and prepared”

The Department of Public Safety and Security at Seton Hall has teamed up with the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center (TLTC) to launch a new educational safety website titled “Code Blue.”

According to Thomas Giordano, assistant director for emergency management, the purpose of the website is to be an informational resource for students and employees regarding responses to emergency situations. The website supplements the more traditional means of providing this information to the University community such as orientation programs, brochures and posters. “We hope that the features of the website such as the interactive games, training modules and links to real-time weather and local event information will draw students to the site,” Giordano said. According to Giordano, Public Safety hopes this website will serve as an accessible, easy-to-use form of safety for students. “Code Blue can help them become more conscious of potential hazards they could encounter both on and off campus and the emergency procedures they can use to help protect themselves and the people around them,” Giordano said. An array of different safety ideas and games can be found at the website, The site consists of interactive training modules dealing with emergency preparedness and response, links to the Pirate Alert System, National Weather Service website and an events calendar listing University emergency preparedness related training and activities, according to a broadcast e-mail sent to the University community. Some of the games on the Code Blue site include “Who Wants to Be a Survivor” and “Wheel of Misfortune” which are set up like the popular television shows Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Wheel of Fortune. However, the Code Blue version of the games asks safety questions instead of pop culture ones. For example, “If you detect the telltale white spot of frostbite on your buddy’s cheeks, what should you do?” is a question. After choosing an answer, the game will explain what the correct answer is and why. On the front page of the site there is a link to the Lost & Found archive, with the most recent lost and found items presented on the first page. It gives a detailed description of the item as well as the location and time the item was discovered. The News and Alerts section is a flashing page that displays the most recent police reports and traffic incidents, which is a great tool for students to know what to be wary of prior to leaving campus. According to Giordano, the theme of Code Blue, “Be Aware! Be Prepared! Take Action!” is not just a tagline but also it serves as a method of safety. “The website allows you to learn how to do just that- be aware, prepared and how to take action,” Giordano said. TLTC said that almost 140 people viewed the site during the first 24 hours after it was publicized. Giordano hopes students are learning something from the website and encourage their peers to do the same. Rawan Eewshah can be reached at

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