GDS boxed meal program helps students on the go

Student Government Association and Gourmet Dining Services have implemented a new program that allows students to order a boxed lunch or dinner in advance for a specific pick-up time.

In an attempt to minimize the lines at the different food stations in the Caf, GDS will now offer students the opportunity to pick up their meal in a box instead of waiting. Students can place an order by using an online order form 24 hours in advance of the desired pick-up time.

“We had initially suggested the idea of adding take out boxes to the buffet so that students on the run could still enjoy the buffet even if they did not have time to sit down and enjoy a meal,” Melissa Boege, SGA president, said.

After working with Anthony Frungillo, vice president of operations for GDS, both organizations decided to refine some details, such as the choices on the menu and expanding the menus to include both lunch and dinner. Meals now include a choice of entrée and dessert as well as a fountain beverage.

According to the website,, entrée options range from a simple turkey and American cheese sandwich to rotisserie chicken du jour with mashed potatoes and corn.

The online form allows the user to decide what time they would like to pick up their meal. All pick-ups can be made from the retail entrance in the Pirate Dining Room, according to the GDS website.

Some students who often utilize the Caf are excited about the new meal option.

“I think this an awesome idea because I don’t have to rush to eat after waiting in line for a long period of time,” said junior Legna Perez. “This way I can enjoy my meal and still be on time for class.”

Freshman Al-Nis Cruse feels the idea will promote healthier eating.

“The idea is pretty awesome, especially during lunch time, the lines get out of hand, and I’m forced to grab something unhealthy because the salad and wrap stations are always packed,” Cruse said.

However, some students view the idea with concern and uncertainty.

Sophomore Ashley Mapp said she is “unsure of the whole idea because students might change their minds within a 24 hour period, and the food that was prepared for them will go to waste.”

Junior Marco Alberti expressed his concern with the new program as well.

“The overall idea is really beneficial to students but I’m afraid of how long the lines will be to pick up the food and pay,” Alberti said. “We’ve already had so many negative changes with the meal swipes this semester that I don’t see this new program as being a success right away.”

Boege said the new program change will be a positive change that will make the cafeteria experience overall easier.

According the Boege, a receipt will be sent to the student via e-mail as soon as they place their order, reminding them not to forget to pick up their food.

“We hope that the student body will appreciate this program and that it will be a convenience to students who normally do not have time to swipe into the buffet or wait in line,” Boege said. “I believe that it is a great improvement on behalf of GDS, and I really appreciate their efforts to work with SGA to bring about new programs and changes that students will benefit from.”

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