The Voice: Students should decide how meals are used

The Setonian believes Gourmet Dining Services and ID Card Services should allow students with meal plans the freedom to use their meals as they wish and stop trying to maximizing the number of unused meals per student while maximizing the inability to feed guests.

If students purchase a set number of meals in a week or semester, they are responsible for the use of their meals and the University should not police how a student decides to use them.

GDS and ID Card Services need to remember that Seton Hall is a suitcase school, and that trait goes two ways. Because many students live close to home, they can often go home and visit friends. That also means, however, that those same friends might come visit students here at Seton Hall. If a student has a friend visit more than five times, they are now unable to dine in our Caf.

Additionally, We beleive the mid-semester policy enforcement is inappropriate. Students could not have known the specific details and intents of each meal plan and should therefore not be penalized without prior notification or consultation.

Ultimately, the only justification GDS and ID Card Services gave for the strict implementation of this policy is that students were suspected of handing their cards back to a friend so that they could swipe into the Caf. The Setonian has to ask however, what is the problem with this?

If students want to spend a second swipe in order to have a friend dine with them, they should be able to. Why must students be forced to use a guest meal rather than one of their personal meals? It is not as though there is a significant difference in the meal.

The only explanation The Setonian can come up with for the policy change is that GDS wants to maximize their profits at student expense.

Author: Staff Writer

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