Seton Hall should solve mailroom woes

I am writing to you as a concerned parent. My son is a freshman. Since the start of school, I have sent him four different envelopes though the mail. Three of them he never received, the fourth he received opened, the contents missing and the enveloped taped up. I have spoken to other parents and almost everyone has had a problem getting mail to their student. I have also been told by seniors, that this has been a problem since they were freshman. Why has this been allowed to go on for this long?

I have contacted both the mail room and security concerning this issue. I was told by both parties that they thought the problem was with the post office and not the school. I then contacted the South Orange Post Office, where I was told the problem is not with the post office and that this has been an ongoing problem with the school and the blame has always been put on the post office by the school.

I just wish people would stop blaming each other and get to the root of the problem so we can safely send our students mail.

I wonder if who ever is stealing this mail realizes that it is a Federal offense to tamper with U.S. mail and will go to prison when caught?

A Concerned Parent

Author: Staff Writer

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