Haunted house at the Hall

As the temperature lowers and the leaves change color in South Orange, the spirit of Halloween seems to be in the air. Ensuring that students get their share of scares, Theatre Council and Alpha Phi Omega will host the second annual haunted house in the Theatre-in-the-Round on Oct. 28 from 8:30 p.m. until midnight.

The Theatre-in-the-Round is the perfect place for a haunted house, according to Anne Mullane, Theater Council treasurer. The theatre’s round shape prevents viewers from seeing what scares are waiting ahead for them.

“Backstage of the Theatre-in-the-Round is the perfect location for a haunted house because it’s already creepy as it is,” Mullane said. “It is dark, there are no windows and it is full of doorways and old furniture. There is a sense of foreboding down there.”

Last year some of the Theatre Council members even walked around campus in costume to promote the haunted house, so maybe if you are lucky this year you will run into some creepy characters.

For their haunted house, Theatre Council will begin decorating in the hallway of the University Center. They have also incorporated the set of the Communication and the Arts department’s production, “King Lear,” into the event. Theatre Council has been planning for the past month, so students who are brave enough to attend should be ready to be scared.

“It’s a great event if people just want to stop by for an hour or two before they go out and not commit to something for a whole night,” Mullane said. “I don’t want to give away any of the surprises we have planned, so come see for yourselves.”

It has also been rumored that the Theatre-in-the-Round is haunted by a ghost that the Theatre Council has named Melville. Last year Theater Council dedicated a backstage room to a story about the ghost, portraying characters like Melville and a detective trying to solve his murder.

Mullane said that there have been unexplained noises, instances of lights flickering on and off and water running full blast from the faucet in an empty dressing room.

This free event is open to all students and is sure to keep them on edge. Make sure to stop by and keep an eye out for any ghost sightings during your travels.

Samantha Nakhoul can be reached at samantha.nakhoul@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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