Gas leak found near Turrell Manor

A minor gas leak was detected by PSE&G on South Orange Avenue near building 525 and Turrell Manor after Seton Hall students reported a distinct gas odor, according to Director of Facilities Steven Kurtyka. Senior Kristin Gellner was one Turrell Manor resident to notice the gas odor and said she has smelt it since last year. “Sometimes when I’m walking to class I can just smell a propane smell and I always wondered where it came from,” Gellner said. “It should probably be addressed especially since it’s near a school building.” Patrick Linfante, assistant vice president of Public Safety and Security, said Seton Hall security checked out address 525 South Orange Ave. the building on the corner of Turrell Ave. and South Orange Ave. on the night of Oct. 12. “I dispatched the members of my staff over,” Linfante said. “They could not locate nor did they smell a gas odor.” When The Setonian contacted Director of Facilities, Steven Kurtyka, about the gas odor, he proceeded to look into the situation by asking PSE&G to come investigate the smell of natural gas in the area. “They did notice very faint odors but did not have a cause for alarm,” Kurtyka said. After this detection of a gas odor, PSE&G sent out a road crew last Wednesday to further investigate, Kurtyka said. “They did detect a very minor leak in one specific location in the road,” Kurtyka said. “There will be a repair crew sent today (Oct. 24) to repair this leak. After the repair is completed, PSE&G will then send out another crew to test for a leak just to confirm that everything is fine.” Senior Gena Larsen, also a Turrell Manor resident, said she too smelt the gas odor last year and complained about it to a security guard. “My friend and I noticed the smell when we were leaving Turrell Manor last year,” Larsen said. “We reported it to the security guard on campus, but it did not seem to be a concern.” Larsen said the smell was much stronger last year, but she can still notice it this year. “I am glad it is finally being addressed,” Larsen said. Carolyn Maso can be reached at

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