Jackass’ star, director talk 3D stunts

Although the title of the movie may not seem appropriate to many people, “Jackass 3D” is expected to succeed, due to the real, raw and outrageous people and events portrayed in the movie.

Due to hit theaters this Friday, “Jackass 3D” is the third film in the series.

Actor Johnny Knoxville and director Jeff Termaine participated in a conference call. They exude a spirit of life and fully support the concept of just having fun. Between the laughter and jokes that were made during the call, Knoxville and Termaine were able to give some insight into the anticipated movie and what goes on behind the scenes.

The most obvious difference between this movie and the previous ones in the series is that it is in 3-D. Knoxville and Termaine both agree that this brings the already-outrageous stunts they partake in, to new heights and dimensions.

When discussing the aspect of 3-D, Termaine claims, “it really is amazing.”

As two of the creators of the “Jackass” series on MTV, Knoxville and Termaine take their movie very seriously and are extremely pleased with the outcome.

As we all know, the genius behind the Jackass movies is the apparent disregard for safety of the cast and the overall desire to partake in the craziest stunts possible. It is evident the cast is not afraid of falling.

As one of the cast members, Knoxville has the reputation of being a daredevil. When asked about how he handles the stunts he performs in movies, he answered, “I just want to get it out of the way.” He continued to say that he likes to just go on set and film quickly so he has no time to worry. He also said that twenty minutes before stunts he prepares by listening to music.

Near the end of the call, Termaine and Knoxville both agreed that this movie might be the best in the series, especially because of the 3-D effects. When asked if they feel that this is the end of the “Jackass” series, Johnny Knoxville responded with a laugh and said, “You know people ask that and you really can’t say yes or no because we don’t know. I mean we said we were finished after the last one, and look at us now. You never know.”

Jeff Termaine agreed with this explanation, by simply stating, “who knows?”

For now though, “Jackass 3D” will definitely fulfill expectations. Knoxville and Termaine have made it clear that the sky is definitely not the limit.

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