Rome away from home: bringing Italy to the cafeteria

Monday: chicken fingers. Tuesday: fish sticks. Wednesday: mystery meat. Some days your stomach may not crave Gourmet Dining Services’ “gourmet food.”

What many people do not realize is Seton Hall’s cafeteria gives us many fresh ingredients to create our own dishes. Personally, I love to make my own food for every meal I have in the Caf.

One of my favorite dinner dishes to make is a simple pasta meal. This particular pasta dish is wonderful to make because it fills you up, you can put virtually anything you want in it, and it satisfies your taste buds.

Cooking pasta in the cafeteria is quick and easy especially if you have to run to class or an important meeting.

And remember, if you do not want a certain ingredient it will not negatively alter the dish in any way. Think of it as creating your own pasta.


– Choice of any pasta

– Minced garlic

– Diced red and green peppers

– Zucchini

– Asparagus

– Crushed sun-dried tomatoes

– Pesto

– Olive oil

– Black pepper

– Dash of salt.


First, squirt olive oil in a pan and let the pan heat up. Pour minced garlic, red and green peppers, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, and asparagus into the hot pan. Coat all the vegetables with olive oil. Let simmer until the vegetables are how you want them.

Next, dump your choice of pasta into the pan. Squirt more olive oil on top of the pasta. Mix vegetables and pasta. Shake black pepper over all your ingredients. Shake one dash of salt over the pasta.

Mix pesto into the pasta dish. Once your pasta seems hot enough, pour everything from the pan onto a dish.

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