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It’s inevitable; whether you are a freshman or senior, you are going to want to see what is outside the Caf doors at some point and try something new. I’m no exception, so recently I made my way down South Orange Avenue to Bonté Wafflerie and Café to get myself a bite to eat.

I’ve walked past Bonté plenty of times but have never actually been inside. The first thing that caught my eye upon entering was the décor. The restaurant is decorated with small two-person tables lined up against an exposed brick wall. The wall is adorned with paintings and pictures from local artists that are available for purchase.

Towards your right when you first walk in there is a little nook that hosts a coffee table, two couches and a love seat for those looking for a less formal setting. The lighting is dim and intimate and compliments the low music playing in the background. Overall, the atmosphere reminded me of a New York style coffee shop but without the snobbery.

After observing my surroundings I made my way up to the counter to order where I was met by the restaurant’s friendly and polite staff. I was surprised at the vastness of the menu and was a little overwhelmed with all the choices. Bonté offers everything from a basic waffle or omelet to Panini and cold deli sandwiches and ice cream.

There is also an expansive drink selection with freshly squeezed orange juice, espressos, iced lattes, and Italian soda being available to the customer.

It took me a few minutes but I finally settled on a bacon, egg and cheese stuffed waffle. My food arrived at my table within minutes, was topped with some butter, and came with syrup on the side.

As soon as ate the first piece, I immediately knew I had made the right choice. The bacon, egg and cheese stuffed waffle was delicious. The crispy waffle complimented the eggs and cheese and once I added the syrup it mixed well with the bacon to make for a great salty, sweet, savory taste. Needless to say I finished my waffle in what could be record time.

The only complaint I could see anyone having is with the proportions. My meal did not come with any sides; it was just the bacon, egg and cheese stuffed waffle. This was enough for me but someone with a larger appetite could easily eat two or more. Luckily, the prices are fairly affordable so a college student on a budget should not have too much trouble ordering a little extra.

Bonté is just a short walk down South Orange Avenue and, after this experience, I know it is definitely worth the trip. I will be going back very soon and recommend other students do the same.

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