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For years people of all nations have flocked to the cultural crossroads of the world that is New York City. Like a good salad, these diverse groups come together to form one of the most fascinating and eccentric landscapes on the planet.

Some would argue that the only other place to find such interesting locations and strange characters would be a comic book or video game. You would be correct in thinking that 362 days out of the year, but during the other three days these worlds come to life at the New York City Comic Con.

Since 2006, this event has become one of the largest pop culture gatherings in the country.

What makes this event so appealing is that there is something for everyone with any number of interests. Unlike Star Wars or Star Trek conventions, there is no singular topic or theme for those in attendance. The areas of interest that are covered include movies, television, toys, video games, and of course, comics.

In approximation there are over 400 booths on the convention floor, which range from Marvel Entertainment to Rockstar Games. To paraphrase the graphic novel “Sin City,” “Turn the right corner at Comic Con and you can find anything.”

Steam Punks, Trekkies, Storm Troopers, and Anime fans alike can be in the same room without erupting into a riot.

The best way to describe Comic Con is as the NFL Draft for geeks. This convention provides leading information on the coming year’s entertainment from the experts themselves.

Each day there are countless panel discussions and screenings open to the general public. Some of the notable features include “How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse,” a discussion with the legendary comic book creators, Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr., and a panel for the upcoming film “Tron: Legacy.”

Celebrities in attendance consist of M. Night Shyamalan, Bruce Campbell, Christopher Judge of “Stargate,” and many more. These signings, discussions, and screenings are first come first serve, so plan ahead if you are attending.

The first Comic Con in 2006 attracted an estimated 33,000 people. These figures have risen steadily since then, which resulted in a massive 77,000 attendees at last year’s convention.

Being that this is a large convention, the regular venue for this event is held at the Jacob Javits Center in Midtown, Manhattan (635 West 34th Street).

The New York Comic Con begins on Friday Oct. 8 and will last until Oct. 10. There are currently tickets still available, which range from a $40 day pass to a $50 weekend pass.

Tickets will be sold at the door but will most likely be in short supply due to the rising popularity of the event.

If you plan on being part of this fun and exciting experience, then buy your tickets now. Any further questions can be answered at the official website, www.newyorkcomiccon.com.

Christopher Spall can be reached at christopher.spall@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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