Committee reviews gay marriage course offering

UPDATE: At the Mission and Identity Committee meeting Thursday, no decision was reached regarding the gay marriage course, as reported by the Star Ledger.

A campus spokesman told the Star Ledger that the course was discussed, but a “final recommendation” was not made.”

Seton Hall’s Mission and Identity Committee will meet behind closed doors today in order to decide whether the gay marriage course being offered in the fall will be allowed to continue, as reported by the Star Ledger this morning.

The class has been a controversial topic on and off Seton Hall’s campus since The Setonian reported its offering in April.

Newark Archbishop John J. Myers issued a statement stating that the course was “not in sync with Catholic teaching.”

The Mission and Identity Committee is a subcommittee of Seton Hall’s Board of Regents.

According to the University by-laws, “the Mission and Identity Committee shall consider matters referred to the Board of Regents by the Board of Trustees arising from the University’s Catholic mission and identity, giving due consideration to the identity of Catholic institutions of higher education that is described in Ex corde Ecclesiae (1990). The Committee shall report its recommendations to the Board of Regents.”

Although the class is not in accordance with Catholic teaching, Mott was not informed of any religious limitations to which he had to adhere when teaching the course, The Setonian previously reported.

Mott also told the Setonian that the class is not an advocacy course, rather a course teaching gay marriage from an academic perspective.
The course will explore both sides of the gay marriage debate.

According to the Star Ledger, more than 30 members of Seton Hall’s Board of Regents will discuss this, as well as other topics, during their meeting today.

It is not yet clear how the Mission and Identity Committee will proceed or how long it will take before an answered is reached, according to the Star Ledger.

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