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If you open up and flip through April’s issue of GQ Magazine, you might notice a face that you’ve seen walking into Boland Hall from rugby practice or into the gym to practice with the girl’s basketball team.

That face is that of Connor Laverty, a freshman from Union, N.J. who was featured as a Seton Hall student in the spring manual section of Gentlemen’s Quarterly Magazine in a makeover spread.

Laverty was chosen for the April issue’s regular feature Project Upgrade, in an article dubbed “The Sloppy Freshman.” He had heard about the contest from his suitemate whose cousin works for GQ.

“I was with them when they were talking about the article and I said I was interested in doing it,” Laverty said.

For the interview process he had to send in pictures of himself and go into GQ’s main office in New York City for interviews. Once chosen, he went in for a few fittings before the shoot and met with members of the GQ staff.

He said it was a huge surprise to be one of the few chosen.

“It was awesome,” Laverty said with a laugh. “It didn’t hit me until I actually had the shoot.”

Once in New York, Laverty found himself on the set of a major fashion photo shoot. He said the experience was wild.

“Everyone came up to me, greeting me, it was at a major set,”

Laverty said. “I was treated as if I was a celebrity.”

Laverty said he loved being around so many different people and meeting all of them. Eric Ray Davison shot the photos of Laverty and GQ writer Sara Goldstein performed the interview.

He said the clothes were “a little too tight,” but he made them work in front of the camera. He wore a windbreaker and shirt from H&M, t-shirt from Calvin Klein, Levi’s jeans and Clark Originals boots. It was his first time on the other side of the camera, but he said it was a new experience he definitely enjoyed and would do again if the opportunity presented itself.

He got to keep a bunch of clothes from various designers as well as GQ magazine articles. He also obtained, along with those souvenirs, an overflow of friend requests on Facebook from people around the world who had seen him in the spread.

The one page spread features Laverty with a before and after picture. Alongside the photo showing his transformation are tips to show every college student how to dress like Laverty.

“It’s been mind blowing,” he said. “Many people come up to me talking about it. It’s been great.”

Laverty said he would definitely encourage other college students to take opportunities like this.

“It could be a once in a life time chance,” he said. “So why not do it.”

Things haven’t changed much for the new super model. He is back to wearing shorts and a t-shirt to class with his Phillies hat. When asked how he feels to be “Seton Hall’s very own Mr. GQ” he is still in awe.

“It has still yet to hit me, but overall it’s awesome,” he said.

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