SAB presents student talent show as part of Spring Fling

“SHU’s Got Talent” on April 26 at 8:30 p.m. in the University Center Main Lounge will showcase the best of Seton Hall student’s talents during Spring Fling 2010.

Spring Fling is an annual week–long event fully loaded with activities for students to let loose before finals.

“This year we’re doing 10 days,” Tuesday Rowan, the president of the Student Activities Board which is hosting the event, said. “Each day we’re going to have a day event and a night event to get everyone together to have a nice little ‘spring’ before finals.”

Rowan and her colleagues on the executive board of SAB have been working on “SHU’s Got Talent” for over a month.

“This is something we just created this year,” she said. “It was just an idea that popped into our heads because we had an open night: ‘How about SHU’s Got Talent? Yeah, that’s a great idea!'”

The event is open to all Seton Hall students interested in displaying ability, performing music or simply having a good time.

Rowan said the show has around 10 people lined up already and that students can still sign up until Sunday.

“There’s going to be some singers, dancers and musicians,” she said. “Some people said they wanted to surprise us but we’re going to have to meet with them to make sure it’s not too crazy. We have to follow the Catholic mission.”

SAB is not holding any rehearsals for the show.

“It’s a talent show; just get up there and do it,” Rowan said.

There will be five judges who will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place performers with a trophy, but every participant will receive a prize.

“We want to have the judges be full of energy, making sure everyone is having fun and that they’re not being too hard on the performers,” Rowan said. “Hopefully, if it goes well, we’ll do it next year during Spring Fling.”

Interested students can sign up for “SHU’s Got Talent” by emailing For more information, visit the SAB office in the University Center.

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