Are you the next Snooki?

This summer, MTV is looking for the “proudest, loudest and wildest to carry on the legacy” in the second season of its newest and most controversial hit show, “Jersey Shore.”

However, those interested have some pretty intense standards to live up to. According to the casting call announcement on, all applicants must have “killer shades, awesome hair, bandanas and bling.” One must “dominate the gym, tear up the dancefloor and rule the bedroom.” One must love “bangin’ beats, hot bodies, icey cold brews and boardwalk bashes,” be “tanned and toned,” know how to fist pump and love the shore. Finally, one must “be at least 21 and appear to be under 30.”

Interestingly, the second season of “Jersey Shore” seems to be less focused on the “guido and guidette” population as opposed to the first one. MTV has given equal opportunity the second time around by not limiting the cast to Italian-Americans. If you are “ready to creep and beat up the beat” you’re what they’re looking for regardless of your heritage.

The cast of the first season has successfully coined their own “language” and way of life. Everyday consisted of GTL (gym, tanning, laundry) and work, but only when absolutely necessary. Their nights were filled with lessons on how to perform the perfect fist pump.

Trainees were instructed to start “real low, then take it a little higher, then go crazy.”

The upcoming season of “Jersey Shore” recently began filming in Miami, Fla. and we return to the Shore when the Jersey boardwalks are ready for action.

Caitlin Siegert, a Seton Hall freshman from Point Pleasant Beach is not excited about the show’s return.

The Jersey shore is not about fist pumping and GTL. We actually have lives,” Siegert said.

Although the first season seemed to bring laughter into the homes of its millions of viewers, there was also a lot of controversy about its infamous characters, such as “The Situation” and Snooki.

Most people on the East Coast easily recognize the term “guido” as an insult to Italian-American men of a certain class and swagger, yet the cast used it as part of their everyday vocabulary.

As the show continued, Italian-American anti-defamation groups started rallying and the show’s advertising was slightly altered (“guido” was replaced with “roommates”). The controversy over the show reached such an all time high that MTV staff members were allegedly receiving death threats via phone calls, e-mails and Facebook messages.

Despite the months of constant problems, death threats and slang terms, “Jersey Shore 2” is set to premiere on MTV on Thursday, July 29, 2010. You can audition to be the newest roommate on the show by filling out an application on the official casting Web site,

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