MGMT deserves a “Congratulations” for new album

MGMT burst onto the music scene in 2006 after signing with Columbia records. The Brooklyn-based band is most popularly known for the hits, “Kids” and “Time to Pretend” off their debut album, “Oracular Spectacular.”

MGMT was such a success that they were nominated for the Best New Artist Grammy in 2010. Now, their second album, “Congratulations,” is gaining lots of publicity.

What is interesting about the album is that the band refuses to promote any songs, making it a “no singles” album. Band members Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser are telling radio stations and fans to listen to the album in its entirety and to play the songs they feel jump out at them.

Although this is a bold move, “Congratulations” has a total of nine tracks from listeners to pick from. The album can best be described as psychedelic. MGMT is not the typical radio band and definitely does not possess the mainstream style, but that is what makes them so unique.

The album opens with “Its Working,” which is somewhat slow but fast paced at the same time, as the beat is rather relaxing yet catchy.

“Song for Dan Treacy” is very eclectic and a fun song to bop your head to.

“Someone’s Missing” is slower paced and then flows into a faster pace mid-song. It can be described as echo-like and at times it is difficult to understand the lyrics because of the high notes from the singer.

“Flash Delirium” is a song that incorporates talking within the melody and is fast paced, somewhat resembling the ‘70s era of music. The song “I Found a Whistle” is the song off the album that requires a sing-along.

The track “Siberian Breaks” is the longest song on the album, 12 minutes in total. It is by far the most unique song on “Congratulations.” The song combines a vast array of different melodies it’s almost like a combination of two or three songs in one.

“Brian Ero” is fast paced and next on the album is “Lady DaDa Nightmare” in which no lyrics are sung throughout the entire song. The song has an eerie feel to it, which actually matches the name quite well.

The album closes with “Congratulations,” a nice finish to the mix of songs heard throughout the album. It is slow with a relaxing melody.

One thing is true about MGMT; they are unique and unlike anything heard in today’s mainstream music on the radio. Although this music is definitely not for everyone, with a couple of listens to the album, anyone would appreciate the talent that both singers possess.

“Congratulations” is eclectic and at times the melody overpowers the singers, making it difficult to understand the lyrics. However, this album will definitely catch the ears of anyone who welcomes a unique, space-like melody.

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