Greek Week Preview

Greek Week will begin on Friday April 16 during the Seton Hall Relay for Life in the Richie Regan Athletic Center. Activities for the evening will begin around 2:30 a.m., and will include various games such as Charades, Greek Trivia, Taboo and Cranium.

The early morning timing of these activities is intended to help keep the Relayers awake during their overnight fundraising.

“Greek Week is to bring together Greek Life at Seton Hall,” Maria Procopio, a member of Alpha Gamma Delta and an organizer of the week, said.

However, the week is not aimed at gaining membership for the participating fraternities and sororities.

Procopio said it is difficult to get all of the Greeks together for some friendly competition and fun.
Greek week is a convergent way for all three councils (Intrafraternity Council, Collegiate Panhellenic Council and Multicultural Greek) to meet.

Other activities offered during Greek Week include a sorority powderpuff game and a fraternity football game on April 17. During the fraternity football games, a spirit contest will be held to see which frats have the biggest support for its players.

April 18 is all about sports, such as basketball, volleyball and dodgeball and the sororities will play against other sororities as well as the fraternities against other fraternities.

On April 19, participating fraternities and sororities will compete in a crest drawing contest outside of the University Center.

In addition to their artistic talents, each Greek organization will be participating in a talent contest on April 20.

April 21, will feature an event “Gong Night,” a parody skit. Each organization will choose a current topic (sports, news etc.) to poke fun at, just as comedy sketch shows such as Saturday Night Live would.

On April 22 there will be two simultaneous events.

The first is the Greek god and goddess event. During this event, a member from each fraternity and sorority will represent a Greek god or goddess in an attempt to be the best god and goddess.
At the same time, the Unity Stroll will take place. This event allows non-multicultural organizations to participate in an event with multicultural organizations.

“it is always important to understand each other’s traditions since that is what Greek organizations are based on,” Procoio said.

To wrap up Greek Week, on April 23, the fraternities and sororities will be participation in Land Olympics. Games such as tug a war and sack races will take place.

Most of the week’s events are judged by faculty members to ensure that each activity is judged fairly.

All Seton Hall students are invited to attend any of the Greek Week events.

The events scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will have a $5 admission fee.
It is advised to buy tickets the day before each of these events. Students can also purchase tickets to each of these three events and a Greek Week t-shirt for $12. The other events will not require an admission fee.

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