Theatre-in-the-Round presents controversial new play

The Communication Department will premiere its latest dramatic performance, “A Few Good Men,” this Thursday night.

The show will be performed in the Theatre-in-the-Round in the University Center on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., with a 2 p.m. matinee on Sunday.

Directed by Theatre Council Advisor and Professor Deirdre Yates, the play by Aaron Sorkin follows a young military lawyer, Lt. Daniel Kaffee, as he tries to prove the innocence of two U.S. Marines framed for murder in a hazing incident gone wrong.

Kaffee and his team discover lies, cover-ups and just how far the Marine Corps will take their code of honor and duty. The play had a successful run on Broadway and was later made into a well-known, Oscar-nominated film featuring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson.

Excitement for the show is running high and is embodied in its director.

“All kinds of different things can happen, and will, in this production,” said Yates. “It’s live, it’s spontaneous, it’s accessible and it’s exciting.”

The set is a simple courtroom and directs the audience’s attention to the performances and storyline.

“It’s going to show the severity of a Marine’s life and how intense it can be,” said sophomore cast member Chris Cordero.

Junior Manny Scarpinato agreed.

“It’s a very good portrayal of military law life,” he said, also explaining that Yates and the cast discussed the military traditions at length.

Freshman Pat Daley, who plays Kaffee, the role made famous by Tom Cruise. said he tried to bring a sense of energy and fun to his performance and Yates was happy to integrate a young cast.

“We have a lot of new people who are really dedicated and excited. We all are.” said Yates.

Sophomore Megan Hanson, who, as Lt. Joanne Galloway, assists Kaffee in his case, said she is curious to see the reaction to the play.

“The show is semi-controversial,” she said. “So it’s something the audience can obviously enjoy, but at the same time they can talk about and discuss.”

Senior T’Shome Dawes, as Col. Nathan Jessup, a part made famous by Jack Nicholson, said that the audience will never be bored.

“Whatever character you choose to follow, you’ll find something new and special in every performance,” he said.

And as for being compared to Nicholson and the film?

“Jack Nicholson?” Dawes said, laughing. “There is only T’Shome Dawes.”

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