“American Idol” winner sings of love lost in debut album

“American Idol” winner, Kris Allen’s self-titled debut album showcases his acoustic style and songwriting ability.

The album is a mix of acoustic soft rock with fun upbeat songs like “Alright With Me” and slow ballads like “The Truth.”

Allen’s signature acoustic style and pop/rock feel is apparent in this album. His single, “Live Like We’re Dying” is an upbeat song that urges listeners to live everyday like it’s their last. Similar in sound is the song “Written All Over My Face” which is a pop/rock song that explains the miscommunication between men and women in relationships.

The album also includes three ballads that showcase Allen’s voice. The first, “The Truth,” is a great breakup song that is sure to help anyone get through difficult times. “I Need to Know” is a haunting, relatable ballad that shows the confusion in relationship. “Bring it Back” is the last slow song on the album in which Allen asks for love to come back into his life.

Although Allen is happily married in real life, many of his songs on the album have to do with hardships among couples. “Before We Come Undone” is a slow but upbeat pop/rock song. Similar in sound is the song, “Can’t Stay Away.”

More fast-paced ballads include “Is it Over,” “Let it Rain” and “A Lifetime” which showcase Allen’s talent and prove to any listener why he won “American Idol.”

Allen wrote almost all of the music and lyrics on the album, including the song “Red Guitar.” It has a fun acoustic rock sound that blends in well with the recent melodies that have been on the radio lately.

“Alright With Me” is the most unique song on the album and resembles older fast-paced rock songs from the 70s.

Also included on the album is the popular “American Idol” single, “No Boundaries” and Allen’s popular cover of Kanye West’s “Heartless.”

Overall, Allen’s album blends in well with the more acoustic rock that has been popular in the music industry as of late. Listeners can relate to the lyrics on the album and the catchy words match the melodies. Most of the songs on the album could very easily be radio hits and all of the songs fit the acoustic style that Allen showcased throughout the “American Idol” season.

Allen captures emotion and love throughout all the songs on the album. His voice and songwriting ability is presented well in all the songs.

The album is definitely worth listening to and incorporates all of the right elements for a successful debut album that will launch Allen into a long-lasting music career.

Amanda Monteleone can be reached at amanda.monteleone@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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