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This Halloween will mark the return of many strange rituals. It is the one weekend of the year when houses covered in spider webs are deemed appropriate; when the scarier people look, the better; when incredible candy binges are socially acceptable; when knocking on a stranger’s door and asking for something for free is not met with hostility; and, of course, when virtually no dress code exists. In many respects, it is a wonderful holiday, and fortunately, the cinema has given us many resources to take in the ambiance of the season. From horror flicks and cartoons to science-fiction and comedy, Halloween offers something for nearly every viewer wanting to get into the trick-or-treat spirit. So brew up your apple cider and check out these Seton Hall favorites.
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“I’m not a huge fan of the scary, horror flicks that most people associate with Halloween , but I will say that ‘Teen Witch’ is a classic in my book. Granted, it’s not directly related to the holiday, but it has a witch, a psychic, and a fantastic rap battle that can pretty much stand its own against any Michael Myers flick.”

Sarah Rozek, Senior

“‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ is my favorite Halloween movie because it is just so much fun. Tim Burton is a genius.”

Gabby Magliano, Junior

“‘Hocus Pocus’ has been my favorite Halloween movie since I was little. I hate scary movies but I’ve always loved ‘Hocus Pocus’ and have always made sure to watch it on television every Halloween.”

Hannah Benoit, Freshman

“‘Halloween’ is obviously the superior choice amongst Halloween movies because it has Halloween in the title and it is gruesome, as it should be. The killer has a mask, and that is the embodiment of Halloween: masking yourself and becoming something different for that day.”

Dejon Turner, Junior

“‘The Happening’ because despite its humor, the ominous mood and plot of the story is not really unreasonable for real life, which adds to the horror of the film.”

Brian Cook, Junior

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