Metal chart toppers unite in horror

With Halloween upon us, many anxious moviegoers anticipate the return of the “Saw” horror series. This year, Jigsaw is back and the music is more brutal than ever. The soundtrack includes music from The Flood, Miss May I, Converge, Shadows Fall, Suicide Silence and many more top metal and hard rock bands. Although the previous soundtracks have not disappointed, this might just be the best and strongest yet.

The record itself is split into three different movements, much like the movie, entitled “6 Chances,” “6 Lessons” and “6 Choices.” Each of the three movements consist of hardcore music and the audiences will be able to predict when each song will play during the movie. The first set, “6 Chances,” showcases the band Hatebreed and their extremely grunge, hardcore and adrenaline racing music.

The second song by Lacuna Coil is a quick transition to a slow paced and mellow song. Its earthy tones contrast it sharply with the rest of the music on the soundtrack. The rest of that set is hardcore and screamo. The second set, “6 Lessons,” is similar, but with less heavy metal and more hard rock. The third set, “6 Choices,” features more emotional lyrics and one can truly feel the pain that is portrayed
throughout the movie.

Those who download the album will be rewarded with three bonus tracks from Miss May I, Ventana and the 69 Eyes.

This album touches on all ranges of the metal spectrum. For those that are into the heaviest of the heavy, fear not, the “Saw VI” soundtrack has you covered. If hardcore is your thing, check out Hatebreed’s “In Ashes They Shall Reap” and Memphis May Fire’s “Ghost in the Mirror.” If you’re in the mood for goth metal, then skip to
Type O Negative’s “Dead Again” and Nitzer Ebb’s “Never Known.”

The best song on the album is Chimaira’s “Warpath.” The song captivates you regardless of whether or not you’re an avid lover of hardcore music. The lyrics and racing beat are definitely something that brings drama to the soundtrack and a beating pulse to the movie.

The “Saw VI” soundtrack batters the senses and creeps up your spine. What started out as a 2004 indie horror soundtrack has morphed into bringing the best bands of rock and heavy metal together on an album that was truly meant to shock you. The lyrics are jagged and graphic but they’ll surely make the listener turn up the volume.
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