College Republicans win three-school race

Ten thousand phone calls are all it took for the College Republicans to win a challenge against Rutgers University New Brunswick and Stockton College.

The challenge first started when Hall alumnus Amanda Gasperino, the statewide political director for the Chris Christie campaign, was told by two fellow employees who went to Rutgers and Stockton that her College Republicans were inferior.

On Seton Hall’s behalf, she challenged them to make 2,000 phone calls in one night.

The Seton Hall College Republicans won that initial challenge.

College Republican’s chair Gary La Spisa then challenged the other two schools to make 10,000 phone calls before the election.

The campaign gave its blessing and support, and the Seton Hall College Republicans completed the challenge in two weeks, with two more weeks to go before the election.

“The phone calls were made to registered voters who are infrequent voters in an effort to remind them that they need to get out and vote (for Christie) on Nov. 3 in one of the most important elections in New Jersey history,” La Spisa said.

La Spisa rounded up 19 fellow students to put in 18-20 collective hours of calling. He said that phones were provided by the campaign for the students’ use.

“I’m really thankful the students were so interested and came out in strong support of Chris Christie,” La Spisa said. “The goal here, as much as I enjoyed beating Rutgers and Stockton, was really to spread the word about Christie.”

Seton Hall won by close to 2,000 phone calls. As a result, they won 15 VIP tickets to the election night party at Chris Christie headquarters.
“Because we were given fewer tickets than those that participated, we’re giving the students the opportunity to compete for them,” La Spisa said. “The 15 callers that made the most calls get to go.”

Freshmen David Zolezzi has made the most calls so far with 1,208. Students will continue to make calls until next Thursday.

“It’s important for college students to be so involved in campaigns because the money spent by the next governor is the responsibility of this generation,” La Spisa said. “We’re especially included because we will all graduate before the term expires, so we will all begin paying taxes under whichever person wins this election.”

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